Digital Technologies Courses

Looking for solutions to address the digital technologies curriculum?

ScopeIT Education’s new Digital Technologies courses address 100% of the Digital Technologies curriculum outcomes for both State and National standards. Our detailed lesson plans with outcomes in specific KLAs ensure that your students not only receive efficient delivery of lessons, but have deep integration with other subjects including mathematics, science and creative arts and design.

We are the leading digital technologies educator servicing Australian primary schools, providing interactive, hands-on lessons with our professionally trained instructors. All hardware, software and internet is supplied.

In this course students will use Minecraft, Google Slides and touch on Scratch block coding to explore the hardware and software components of digital systems. They will learn about storing data, representing information on digital systems and solving problems using a sequence of steps and decisions (algorithms).

Years 1 & 2
Digital Technologies (Lower)

In this course students will explore how data is transmitted between digital systems. They will learn how to use sequences and decisions (algorithms) to develop digital systems.

Years 3 & 4
Digital Technologies (Middle)

In this course students will explore digital systems and networks. They will learn how data is transferred and how to design digital solutions using different forms of software.

Years 5 & 6
Digital Technologies (Upper)
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