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Now you can facilitate your own beginner coding course with our convenient new online classroom

ScopeIT Education’s Virtual Classroom provides you with a complete set of interactive online video lessons, led by two professional instructors. Each episode is coupled with detailed, user-friendly teacher notes, ensuring that you can facilitate classroom learning with confidence and ease.

Virtual Classroom - your school’s digital technologies education program is ready to go

With Virtual Classroom, teachers can easily facilitate their own digital technologies and coding lessons right now. Any classroom teacher can follow our straightforward lesson plans, supported by our Virtual Scopers who walk through the technical concepts via video lessons. Learning is supported by teacher-led activities, discussions and computer time.


With comprehensive and easy-to-follow teacher notes for explicit teaching, every teacher can facilitate these lessons without any prior knowledge or professional development. Even if some of your students have tinkered around in or Scratch previously, it’s important for their future growth in digital technologies that they learn each of the concepts behind coding. 


Concepts like loops, conditionals and variables, to name a few, build knowledge and help to make sense of the coding experience. Virtual Classroom delivers this with a mix of video-led teaching, coupled with curated online practice on free coding platforms. 

Exciting video lessons
facilitated by the class teacher

The bedtime algorithm demonstrated by Scoper Liz

Tech experts need not apply

Lessons are designed for classroom teachers to deliver themselves, supported by our Virtual Scopers. Drawing on comprehensive teacher notes, video material, teacher-led activities and online learning, the Virtual Classroom enables a teacher with no prior coding knowledge to instruct on the topic. Each lesson is carefully aligned with Australian state and national curriculum outcomes.

Easy teacher-led learning experience

Virtual Classroom has been developed specifically for schools who wish to deliver digital technologies learning directly to their students. Our current program of successful in-school lessons are delivered to more than 15,000 Australian students per week, and a growing number of students internationally. The Virtual Classroom product differs in that it offers our curriculum-aligned lessons that are delivered via a hybrid of classroom teacher and video content. As Australia’s leading digital technologies educators, we have adapted our lesson plans to enable schools to bring this learning in-house.

Leave the hard bits to us and enjoy the learning experience

Teachers need not labour over mastering a new discipline in order to teach it - the hard work is done and they can focus on classroom management, activities and facilitating the fun.

Minimal investment, ready to start today

This is an easy and economical way to start your school’s digital technologies learning journey. There is no need to purchase expensive hardware, software or teacher training. The hard work is done for you. Classrooms simply use existing computers with internet access and a teacher screen to play the class videos. Our comprehensive lesson plans and content have been formulated based on our successful in-school lessons. 

Far more than an online tutorial

As the experts in digital technologies education, we have built a comprehensive curriculum-aligned set of learning streams. Our finely tuned lessons are delivered hundreds of times every week, and from these lessons, we have developed an engaging, exciting and supported learning experience. Students will enjoy a well-paced and fun lesson with three dimensions of video, interactivity and computer time.

A typical Virtual Classroom lesson

Lessons comprise a full learning experience which includes the introduction of concepts and theory, discussion, activities and practical application. A sample lesson would look like this:

  1. Teacher logs on to the Virtual Classroom portal.

  2. Press play when the class is ready and have the teacher notes at hand.

  3. Class watch the video segments with interactive questions and answers.

  4. Teacher facilitates classroom activities guided by teacher notes.

  5. Teacher guides practical application of concepts on computers.

Our first learning module, Coding for Beginners, is customised to be age appropriate for each grade from Grade 1 to Grade 6. It will teach students and teachers foundational concepts to enable them to continue their own exploration of coding well after our ten-episode program has finished.

With just one episode each week for 40 minutes, you will have the foundations to build a larger digital technologies program in your school.

Virtual Classroom is the solution you’ve been waiting for​​

Keep it simple with ScopeIT Education and get your school moving with digital technologies today


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