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I chose to purchase a ScopeIT franchise because I believe in the business model that has been created along with the outstanding support given by the directors. I love teaching kids Digital Technologies as I believe these skills are such a necessity in today's world. To see the smiles on kids faces when they achieve success is priceless!


I love anything and everything to do with design, but it is when I come across a new medium to work through that I get the most excited! The applications for this area of knowledge are endless and that is why I am so excited to see the different ways in which our young students will be able to take these new skills and create their wildest dreams with the vision and knowledge provided by ScopeIT Education.


Helping children learn skills that will open untold opportunities for them in the future is an exciting concept. ScopeIT is at the forefront of an education revolution, as more schools implement Digital Technologies as a compulsory part of meeting the Australian curriculum. ScopeIT is a complete system designed to unlock Australian children's potential in this exciting industry.


I’m excited to be a ScopeIT Education franchisee because we are teaching kids at a young age not only how to code, but how to think. Coding is the language of tomorrow, and if you can speak this language, it will give you an unfair advantage in what ever career path you choose. Teaching students to code is the single best thing anyone can do to get the most out of the amazing future in front of us.


It is exciting to be in the industry that will be teaching the language of the future and making a difference in the education of the next generation. It is rewarding to witness "Aha moments" in the classroom and see how students are engaged during the ScopeIT lessons, thanks to the structured lesson plans meeting all the required curriculum outcomes. The support from the franchisor has been consistent and the training program available to the Scopers have been of the highest quality to ensure they are 100% ready to deliver the highest quality content.


Having looked at several options before finally landing on ScopeIT Education, and specifically CIY.Club, I can say that what they offer is what our kids need today. Helping children become creators of technology and not just consumers through after-school programs with a purpose fills a market and societal need. Backed by a great team of professionals, a solid training program, and top-tier content I can move into this business with confidence and excitement.


It is an amazing experience to witness how young students improve their computational thinking skills after just a few weeks of ScopeIT Education lessons, and then proving that with assessment results. The commitment, excitement and engagement with Scopers by the students definitely shows how great our program is. ‘Scoper, will you be here again tomorrow?’, is frequently heard in our classrooms. Besides ScopeIT modules, the additional value of Tech Tournament and the Sister-School Program, truly enhances my conversation with Principals and Parents where they agree that those activities create challenges for the students to extend their imagination and creativity.

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